Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering, EEE

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES), Kyushu University

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At a Glance

This department was established in 1998 as a cross-disciplinary graduate school of mechanical engineering and building environmental engineering aiming for the development of human resources to address environmental issues and energy conservation as engineers in the fields of industry, gavoernment, and academia.

As of 2012, 7 research laboratories are managed by 5 professors and 6 associate professors, who were originally educated in various academi fields. And the laboratories are classified into 3 divisions as shown in the below chart.

In spite of the diversity of research activity of each laboratory, EEE has constructed a well-organized education unit for more than a decade on a basis of common academic disciplines, such as fluid dynamics, thermo dynamics, heat and mass transfer engineering, and other related mathematics.

In the master's program, students take several courses related to both up-to-date topics on energy and environmental engineering and advanced knowledge of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and transfer engineering. In addition, they conduct research for a master's thesis on an actual latest engineering subject by using the state of art facilities. Students who complete the master's program from this department or any reputed university may apply to continue in graduate school for a doctoral degree.

Organization chart of Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering (EEE)

Intellectual Exchange and Innovation Program(IEI Program)

  • Number of Students in 2011
    • Masterfs course : 34 (1st) + 33 (2nd)
      • 4 foreign students (China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand)
    • Doctorfs course : 22
      • 10 foreign students (China:4, Korea:2, Malaysia:2, Switzerland:1, Vietnam:1)

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Divisions Research setions Faculty Fields of specialization
Thermo Fluid Dynamics. High-Speed Gas Dynamics
  • Compressible Fluid Dynamics
  • Aeroacoustics
Laser-Aided Fluid Diagnostics
  • Compressible Fluid Dynamics
  • Aeroacoustics
Engine and Combustion
  • Engineering of Engine and Combusition
  • Marine Engineering

Environmental Thermal Engineering

Urban and Architectural Environment Engineering
  • Urban Climatology
  • Fluid Dynamics relating to Atmospheric Boundary Layer
  • Building Environmental Engineering
  •  Human- Environment- Social System Engineering based on complex science
Thermal Environment System
  • Building Thermal Environment
  • Public Health Science
  • Aerosol Science
  • Indoor Environmental Quality

Effective Energy Utilization

Advanced Fluid Energy Systems
  • Fluid Engineering
Thermal Energy Conversion System
  • Termal Enigineering
  • Heat Transfer engineering
  • Engineering of Refrigerating and Air-conditioning

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Research Pick up !

Several research topis of each laboratory are listed below. Further information is available at the web site of each laboratory.
High-speed Gas Dynamics (Prof. Aoki)
  • Shock Associated Noise in a Supersonic Jet
  • Compound Choking Phenomena of Multi-Streams
  • Aerodynamic Noise from High-Speed Railway Tunnel
  • Simulation and Observation of Three-Dimensional Flow Oscillation in a Supersonic Cavity

Noise from Shinkansen Bullet Train

Laser-Aided Fluid Diagnostics (Assoc. Prof. Handa)
  • Development of Advanced Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Method for Measurement of High-Speed Flows
  • Investigation of Supersonic Internal flows & Supersonic Jets using LIF
  • Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Supersonic Internal Flows

Visualized Supersonic Jet
based on LIF method

Fuel Mixing of Scramjet Engine

Engine and Combustion (Prof. Takasaki, Assoc. Prof. Tajima)
  • Modeling and Observation of various types of Engine Combustions aiming for Low Pollutant Emission & High-Energy-Efficiency
    • High-speed Visualization and Image Processing of Engine Combustion
    • Numerical Simulation of Combustion and Performance of Engines
    • Development of Combustion Technique to Utilize Low-grade Heavy Fuel
    • Investigation of Combustion Characteristics of Natural Gas

Visualization of Combustion in a Gasoline Engine with Direct Injection

Numerical simulation of
Diesel Engine Combustion

Urban and Architectural Environment (Prof. Tanimoto, Assoc. Prof. Hagishima)
  • Modeling and Observation of Urban Heat Island phenomena
  • Analysis of Atmospheric Turbulent Boundary Layer based on Wind Tunnel Experiment and Large Eddy Simulation
  • Stochastic Approach for Utility Demand Prediction of Dwellings
  • Modeling of Human-Environment-Social System based on Complexity Science
  • Modeling of Traffic Flow based on Game Theory

Turbulent Organized Structure
Developed over an Urban Building Array

Thermal Environmental System (Prof. Hayashi, Assoc. Prof. Ito)
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Residential Buildings
  • Prediction of Thermal Environment and Air Quality in Buildings
  • Comprehensive Prediction method coupled with Epidemiological model and Engineering model
  • Productivity & Performance in Indoor Environment

Simulation of Airflow around a Human Body
based on Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Technique

Thermal Energy Conservation System (Prof. Koyama, Assoc. Prof. Miyazaki)
  • Performance Improvement of Heat Pump System
  • Development of CPU Cooling System
  • Heat Transfer Characteristics of natural refrigerant (CO2) in the Super and sub-critical Region
  • In-Tube Evaporation and Condensation of Multi-component Mixture of Refrigerant
  • Characteristics of Refrigerant Condensing in a Multi-Path Tube with Small Hydraulic Diameter
  • Characteristics of Refrigerant Evaporating in a Horizontal Capillary Tube

Distributing Header of Evaporator

Heat Exchanger Pipe
with Micro Flow Paths

Advanced Fluid Energy System (Assoc. Prof. Koso)
  • Self-Induced Oscillation of a Synthetic Jet
  • Turbulent Mixing of Matter by a Moving Particle or Bubble
  • Flow Structure of Exhaust Gas Induced by an Moving Automobile
  • Simulation of Flows around a Char Particle in Coal Gasification Process
  • Vortex Structure in a Three-Dimensional Wall Jet
  • Particle Dispersion in a Turbulent Circular Jet

Turbulent Mixing caused by an Ascending Bubble

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  • Master's course
    • IGSES Master Program
      • Course taught in Japanese
      • Enrollment: April 1st
    • G-30 Master Program
      • Course taught in English
      • Enrollment: October 1st
    • CAMPUS Asia Program
      • Course taught in English
      • International double degree program among 3 universities;
        Kyushu University (Japan), Shanghai Jiao-Tong University (China), and
        Pusan National University (South Korea).
  • Doctor's course
    • Intellectual Exchange and Innovation Program
      • Course taught in English
      • The students must receive at least 16 credits.
      • MEXT scholarship for the whole 3 years will be offered to excellent applicants.
    • IGSES Doctoral Program
      • Course taught in Japanese
      • The students must receive at least 10 credits.

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Alumni of the master course of EEE are working as engineers in the fields of industry, construction, and transportation, utility farms, and public organizations as follows. In contrast, ones finished a doctorate in EEE have been active as researchers in universities and institutes.
  • Heavy industry
    • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, IHI, etc
  • Motor vehicle industry
    • Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor, Honda Motor, Mazda Motor, Suzuki Motor, Daihatsu Motor, Yamaha Motor, Bridgestone, Denso, etc
  • Iron manufactures
    • Nippon Steel, Kobe Steel, JFE steel, etc
  • Machinery manufacturers
    • Mitsubishi Electric, Canon, Hitachi, Panasonic, Toshiba, SONY, Fuji Electric, etc 
  • General construction contractors
    • Takenaka, Kajima, Shimizu, Penta-Ocean Construction, etc
  • Transportation service
    • Central Japan Railway Company, Kyushu Railway Company, ANA, JAL, etc
  • Power companies
    • Kyushu Electric Power, Okinawa Electric Power Company, Nippon Oil, etc
  • Government, municipalities
  • Universities
    • Kyushu University, University of the Ryukyus, Yamagata University, Japan
    • Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Malaysia
    • Mansoura University, El-Minia University, Egypt
    • National University of Singapore, Republic of Singapore

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  • Location
    • Chikushi Campus, Kyushu University
      • 6-1, Kasuga-koen, Kasuga-shi, Fukuoka, 816-8580, Japan
  • Information of campuses of Kyushu University is available here.

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